01 July 2021

6-axis backgauge for Agados

Agados is the largest trailer manufacturer in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in Europe, with dozens of distributors and service centres in neighbouring countries. Half of the 25,000 vehicles produced annually by the 190 employees are exported.

The Czech company offers a wide range of trailers and trolleys for various uses, in many different sizes and materials. The product portfolio also includes special trailers used by security and rescue services around the world.

Agados has been in business since 1992 but inherits 120 years of experience in mechanical production. All design and construction solutions originate in the R&D department, guaranteed by ISO9001 certification and the use of quality components. The durability of Agados trailers is ensured by the availability of service and spare parts even for older vehicles, and above all by the high quality of the workmanship.

Gasparini machines, a long-standing partner of the Czech company since the beginning of their history, also contribute to the precision of Agados trailer construction. In 1993 we supplied the first press brake, a PSG 100/3000. In the following years, we consolidated the partnership with two guillotine shears (a CO3004 and a CO3006), as well as four more press brakes: a PBS 35/1600, a PBS 165/3000, a PBS 135/3000, and an X-Press 420/8000. The latter is a 2016 machine of large size and power, which we discussed in a previous case study.


Image credit: Agados

press brake trolleys trailers production

We are now in the process of delivering an eighth machine: an X-Press 165/3000 press brake with 500 mm open height and 300 mm stroke. The press brake is equipped with a 6-axis backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6) controlled by the Delem DA-66T CNC. Thanks to the two relative X-axes it is possible to make conical angles up to 80°. Two manual fingers have been added, and an additional support stop has been inserted on all four fingers to provide a greater useful distance on the X axis.

On the upper ram we installed patented Gasparini AirSlide pneumatic tool adapters: thanks to a special machining on the ram, compressed air arrives without the need for inconvenient air hoses. The adapters are equipped with a front adjustment wedge, so they can be brought into contact with each other. They can be moved or removed with the greatest of ease and speed to suit the most varied of tooling conditions.

On the bench we have mounted pneumatic clamps, also for Promecam tools. Using the Syner-G remote control, we can conveniently open and close both clampings. The bench is prepared for the future installation of a pneumatic bending die.

sliding pneumatic promecam clamping press brake
sliding adjustable front supports hydraulic press brake

At the front of the press brake are two sliding front supports Plus, with height adjustment via handwheel and height display. The table has an aluminium profile with sliding balls.


The machine is also equipped with the ECO energy-saving package: thanks to the sophisticated motor control via vector inverter, we are able to generate the exact pressure and flow rate required by the bend: without loss, at higher speed, with less noise and oil stress.

On board the CNC is the Tele-Link remote service tool, which allows our technicians to connect to the CNC and carry out installations, diagnostics and configurations entirely remotely. The CNC also manages two compensation systems that work in harmony to guarantee an optimum bend. The first is Reflex, which compensates for the different C-frame deformation between different lengths, thicknesses and materials, guaranteeing precise positioning of the Y axis. The second is Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, which uses two sensors to monitor and compensate in real time for the deformation of the upper ram. Thanks to the adaptive crowning, we are able to maintain parallelism between the punch and the die and therefore a constant angle both at the ends and in the centre of the profile.

The CNC is supported by Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software, a PC-based bending CAM with the same interface as on the machine. Thanks to Profile it is possible to create programs and tooling in the technical office and then load them into the various press brakes, simplifying and speeding up the work of the operators.

delem da-66t cnc pressbrake inverter energy saving

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