24 August 2021

Press brake for animal feed production plants

Gaspar Mantenimiento Industrial is a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in the agri-food and livestock industry. They specialise in the design, assembly and commissioning of tailor-made plants for the production and storage of cereals and animal feed.

press brake animal feed production plants

The installations made by Gaspar Mantenimiento include:


  • Square silos for grains, pellets and granulates
  • Tanks for liquids at controlled temperatures
  • Hoppers and distributors
  • Boilers, heated vessels, heat exchangers
  • Belt, bucket, chain or screw conveyor systems
  • Mills and granulators
  • Mixers and kneaders
  • Scales and dosing systems


Image credit: Gaspar

Making all these components requires extensive use of sheet metal fabrication. For this purpose Gaspar chose a Gasparini press brake, purchased through our Spanish partner Blecken. The machine is an X-Press Next 165/3000 equipped with a Reflex system for C-frame deflection compensation, combined with Gasparini’s unique real-time adaptive crowning. The combination of these two technologies allows total control of the response of the frame, guaranteeing precision and consistency of angle with any thickness and length.

custom made hydraulic press brake steelwork
punch lever clamping 4-axis backgauge pressbrake

The working area features a 500 mm bench-to-ram open height and a 300 mm stroke, with tool holders equipped with a Toolever self-aligning quick lever clamping. Die clamping is pneumatic and can also be operated via the Syner-G remote control. A linear guide was also installed as a preparation for the future installation of sliding front supports.

The backgauge has 4 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2) controlled by the Delem DA-69T CNC. This high-end CNC is very powerful and allows the import of 3D files such as STEP and IGES via the included Delem Profile-T 3D offline software. The CNC also supports remote assistance via the TeleLink tool, which allows our Service department to perform remote programming and diagnostics.


To increase the speed of the machine and at the same time reduce consumption, we also installed the ECO energy saving package. Thanks to the innovative vector inverter we drive the main motor to generate exactly the flow and pressure required by the bend, decreasing or increasing speed and torque accordingly. During times when the ram is stationary the motor stops, with no energy wasted and less oil stress.

cnc delem da-69t step iges file import

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