02 April 2019

Press brake for electrical cabinets

ilinox products stainless plate enclosures

Ilinox srl, founded in 1983, is a leader in the production of stainless steel cabinets for electrical panels, lockers, computer cases and desks, switchboards, control boxes, junction boxes and suspension systems.


Image credit: Ilinox srl

They also produce switchboards and containers for use in explosive environments (ATEX), for the food and health industry, as well as systems for air ducting and air conditioning. In addition to Italy, Ilinox has a vast sales and production network in many European countries, Chile, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.


Image credit: Ilinox srl

stainless steel electrical switchboxes
press brake for electrical panels

For the Hungarian branch we have manufactured a 50 ton press brake with a bending length of 1600 mm. Ilinox’s request focused mainly on the repeatability and reliability of the machine, destined for the production of a large number of pieces with maximum precision.

The upper and lower clamps are manual with European/Promecam connection. The press brake is equipped with a self-centering bench, double frontal supports and a DSP-AP laser safety system.

The backgauge is equipped with 4 X-R-Z1-Z2 axes to correctly position pieces of different widths or to work on stations.

The structural deflections of the sides are compensated thanks to the electronic Reflex system, which guarantees a constant angle even with different thicknesses and materials. The Delem DA-66T CNC allows remote diagnostics and configuration with the Tele-Link tool. Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software allows you to create bending programs and load them into the CNC via LAN.

press brake stainless steel lockers

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