09 April 2019

Press brake for Impercold's coldrooms

catering coldroom stainless steel sheet

Imper Cold was founded in 1981 by gathering the experience of technical experts in the field of professional refrigeration. In its factories in Staranzano (GO) and Monfalcone (GO), Imper produces cold rooms, shelving and refrigeration units for shops, supermarkets, cruise ships, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops and companies in the food sector. All products are customized in order to provide the most suitable solution to the specific needs of the project.


Image credit: Imper Cold

The collaboration between Gasparini and Imper Cold Systems has been going on for more than 30 years. The machines we have built for them are:

  • 1988: guillotine shear CO4006 (6 mm on 4 m)
  • 1988: press brake PBS 45/4000 (45 ton on 4 m)
  • 1996: press brake PSG 135/3000 (135 ton on 3 m)
  • 1996: guillotine shear CO4006 (6 mm on 4 m)
  • 1999: press brake PBS 80/3000 (80 ton on 3 m)
  • 2014: guillotine shear X-Cut 3006 (6 mm on 3 m).


Image credit: Imper Cold

sheet metal fabrication cold rooms
115 ton press brake bending aids

This month we have produced an X-Press 115/3000 press brake, capable of developing a bending force of 115 tonnes over a length of 3 metres. This machine is equipped with a series of accessories made to customer specifications that make it very special.


The press brake is equipped with DSP-AP laser safety system with PLC and LED lighting of the working area. The Delem DA-66T CNC allows the use of the Tele-Link remote assistance tool. Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software allows you to create bend programs from a PC and load them into the CNC via network.

The 4-axis CNC-controlled backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2) is equipped with 2 additional manual fingers with the F function. The two outermost stops can be pneumatically unlocked and then moved from the front of the machine, without using special tools. One of the two motorized fingers has been produced with a width increased to 150 mm at the request of the customer.


To compensate for C-frame deflections, the machine is equipped with the E-Reflex deflection compensation system. Thanks to a series of sensors and special software developed by Gasparini, it allows to obtain a constant angle even with different materials and thicknesses.

press brake backgauge air powered clamping
foot pedal stand press brake

On the front of the press brake we have installed two sheet lifters with manual adjustment of the R-axis and a support surface of 1000×500 mm. These bending aids allow Imper Cold to work even the largest sheets with ease and without the risk of counter-bending.


The ECO energy saving package, thanks to the inverter drive of the main motor, guarantees a high reduction in consumption and an improvement in the performance of the press brake.

In order to quickly change the punches and make boxes in a flexible way, Gasparini AirSlide pneumatic upper clamping for European type tools has been installed. The AirSlide system allows the tool adapters to be moved quickly without having to reconnect the air pipes.


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