03 December 2019

Press brake for industrial machinery in Taiwan

press brake 200 ton hydraulic sheetmetal

Yi Hao Precision Co Ltd. is a Taiwanese company that manufactures machinery for the production of adhesive labels. Through our distributor Gasber, Yi Hao has purchased a 225-ton press brake with a bend length of 4 meters.

The first thing you notice in this machine is the 2-axis backgauge (X-R) equipped with 6 manually-positionable fingers. Moving these references is very easy and fast thanks to the F function, which brings the backgauge to the front of the press brake. The operator can then simply move the stops to the desired position.

overseas countries press brake single beam laser safety
european promecam punch quick lever clamping

The press brake has a 500 mm open height and 300 mm stroke, and is equipped with Gasparini adaptive crowning. The punch clamping is the innovative Toolever, a rapid self-aligning lever system. The die clamping system is pneumatic and is also operated by the Syner-G remote control.

The Delem DA-66T CNC enables remote configuration and support with the Tele-Link tool. Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software allows the technical department to create programs and tooling and send them to the press brake CNC via LAN.

brakepress sheet lifters new pressbrake price
sheet metal lifters bending aids telescoping extensions

The press brake is ready for future installation of the GPS4 real-time angle control system. Two sheet lifters with manual R-axis setting will also be installed on the front of the machine.

The bending aids are equipped with an anti-scratch brush table with transfer balls. The plane can be extended thanks to a telescopic segment.

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