09 February 2022

Press brake for street furniture

Arrcat is a company based in North-Eastern Italy and specialising in the bespoke construction of furniture and furnishing components, fencing, roofing, gates and structures in mild steel and stainless steel. Arrcat has invested in their first Gasparini press brake: an X-Press 165/4000 with 500 mm open height and 300 mm stroke.


Image credit: arrcat.it

pressbrake urban design furniture sheet metal

The new press brake is equipped with Toolever quick lever clamping tool adapters, which allows to quickly change punches without having to make preliminary bends. The clamps are self-aligning and allow the punches to be inserted from the front without having to slide them from the side. On the front side of the machine there are also two sliding supports with storage drawer and polyzene top to avoid scratching the metal sheets.

The backgauge has 2 axes (X-R) controlled by the Delem DA-66T CNC: it is composed of 4 fingers with an additional stop for positioning parts up to 800 mm in depth. The fingers can be repositioned along the Z axis without having to access the rear part of the press brake. Thanks to the F function, the fingers are unlocked and moved beyond the bending axis. From here the operator can move them manually to accommodate different part lengths.

sliding front supports press brake metal furniture
quick lever promecam clamping sheet metal pressbrake

The CNC is equipped with the Tele-Link remote assistance tool, which allows our technicians to make diagnoses and configure the machine. Our Industry 4.0 package is also installed in the control: by interfacing with the company’s information system, it is possible to exchange information on orders and parts produced. To conclude the software overview, we have also provided the Delem Profile Lite TL 2D: a CAM environment to generate bending and tooling programs directly in the office, ready to be uploaded to the machine via LAN.

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