11 March 2020

Press brake with GPS4 for Wittur

When a company chooses us because they have been buying our machines for years and appreciate them for their reliability, it is an important recognition. But when a multinational company compares us to other press brake manufacturers, and chooses us for the precision of bending, it is even more satisfying.

wittur elevators stainless steel sheet metal fabrication

The company


This is what happened with Wittur, one of the world leaders in the elevator industry. With a turnover of € 800 million, 4800 employees and 16 production sites, the company is constantly evolving. All plants share the same production procedures, identical levels of quality and efficiency, and ensure a consistent and reliable product anywhere in the world.


Wittur has adopted an extremely pragmatic approach in the research of its sheet metal bending technology partner: it has analyzed the various angle control systems on the market. Wittur had the same part made by all manufacturers and listened to their answers to its needs. Only after comparing the results, did they choose the best press brake and the company that could provide the solutions they were looking for.



photo: Wittur

Angle control


For Wittur we have therefore created a very special press brake, specially designed to guarantee the highest angle accuracy and absolute constancy along the entire length of the profile. We have installed two GPS4 sectors, which will measure the angle at both ends of the part to be bent. The Delem DA-69T CNC reads the two values and independently drives the Y1 and Y2 cylinders until the same angle is obtained.


backgauge finger bending angle control
press brake elevator cars cabs

Consistency and efficiency


Simultaneously, the real-time Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus reads the deformation of the upper ram. The system compensates for the deflection of the ram by means of the crowning cylinders in the lower ram, keeping the punches and dies at a constant distance. In this way we also guarantee the same angle at the centre of the workpiece as measured at the ends. Thanks to the dedicated motor-pump unit and tank, the crowning always has pressurized oil to intervene instantaneously. The Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus also includes the ECO energy saving system with inverter-driven main motor.



Wittur’s X-Press Next press brake has a capacity of 225 tonnes on 4 metres in length, with a 500 mm throat, 300 mm stroke and a 500 mm open height. We have installed a 4-axis X-R-Z1-Z2 backgauge: the turrets move automatically to the active station and adapt to the size of the part. The backgauge fingers are sensorized to signal the correct support of the sheet metal.

press brake backgauge elevators sheet metal
delem press brake cnc barcode reader

CNC, software and automation


The Delem DA-69T CNC is supported by the Delem Profile-T 3D offline software, which allows to create bending programs in the technical office and load them via LAN. The CNC also runs the TeleLink service tool, where our service team can configure the machine and make remote diagnostics. Some functions, such as opening the clamps and calibrating the GPS4, are also available via the Syner-G remote control.


Wittur has configured its press brake by adding an additional foot pedal and an electrical interface for operator-robot configuration (with DSP-AP safety lasers) for possible future integration with a robotic cell. The barcode reader allows the operator to quickly recall the associated bending program, with maximum ease and efficiency.

Tool clamping


The Gasparini AirSlide top pneumatic clamping system, for European/Promecam type tools, is one of the strengths of this press brake. Thanks to our patented system, we can move the adapters in any position very quickly: the set-up time is greatly reduced, also increasing flexibility in configuration. The adapters can be brought into contact with each other, and added or removed as required. The bench is also equipped with Gasparini’s lower pneumatic clamping system.

quick punch pneumatic clamping press brake

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