18 May 2020

Press brake with motorized front supports

This customer is based in Pordenone (Italy) and manufactures stainless steel plants and equipment for the food industry. In 2018 they purchased an X-Cut 3010 guillotine shear with Industry 4.0 package and many other accessories.

hydraulic clamping pneumatic tool adapters

In the coming days we will deliver a press brake with a power of 330 tons and a bending length of 4000 mm. The special working area has a 500 mm throat, a 400 mm stroke and a 700 mm open height. The press brake is equipped with Gasparini’s adaptive crowning which maintains a perfect parallelism between the two rams, guaranteeing a constant angle over the entire length.
On the upper ram we then find Gasparini’s self-aligning hydraulic clamps, which do not require any preparatory bends to align the tool adapters. The latter are the innovative Gasparini AirSlide, pneumatically operated but without air hoses. For this reason they can be moved or removed in any combination. A pneumatic hemming bench with pneumatic die clamping has been installed on the lower ram. All clamping can be operated with the practical Syner-G remote control.

To comfortably use the hemming bench, this customer has chosen the FSA-D front supports. These CNC-controlled motorised supports automatically position themselves at the correct height, depending on the height of the die or the hemming position. The CNC is a Delem DA-69T with Tele-Link remote assistance tool via WiFi. Together with the CNC the Delem Profile-T 3D offline software has been provided to create bending programs directly from the office.

hemming bench adjustable front supports
xrel finger backgauge retractile supports

The 5-axis CNC-controlled backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) allows for conical bends up to 75°. Two additional fingers and retractable supports have also been installed. These supports support the larger sheets, avoiding flexing and allowing easy and safe gauging.


The wireless pedal board is another very useful accessory from an ergonomic point of view. Thanks to the sliding skid it can be moved simply by pushing it with one foot. On the ram we have also installed the Drive Bar, a series of coloured LEDs that guide the operator in tooling and bending on different stations.

Behind the scenes we have a range of tools that can improve press brake performance. The first one is the ECO energy saving package: thanks to a power inverter it controls the speed and torque of the main motor adapting it to the bending cycle. In this way we increase the speed of the ram while reducing consumption. The E-Reflex deformation compensation system, on the other hand, corrects the deflection of the frame to obtain constant angles regardless of the length of the workpiece.
Additionally, we have implemented the Industry 4.0 package. It is a set of tools to collect, manage and transmit production data. The software features are agreed upon together by the customer and Gasparini Software House in order to:

  • detect and correct process drifts thanks to advanced sensor technology
  • connect the machine to the company network
  • provide information on batches produced, bent parts, and errors
  • collect cycle times
330 ton 4 meters sheet metal press brake

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