29 September 2017

Press brake with oversized sliding tool adapters

A brand new full-optional machine

RIME of Righini and Menetti is a sheet metal subcontractor from Bologna. This is their fourth Gasparini press brake. There is a great cooperation and esteem between our two companies, that goes on since the 80’s. We will soon have the pleasure to interview the two company owners and hear their story. Meanwhile, we present you the press brake we made for them. It’s a 100-ton, 2500-mm X-Press ECO press brake, with increased daylight and a lot of other accessories.

100 ton 100 inches hydraulic press brake

Flexibility and efficiency

The first thing that stands out are the 400-mm high oversized tool adapters, equipped with the new patented AirSlide technology. These tool adapters have pneumatic tool clamping, but no air piping. Hence they can be moved along the whole ram length, removed or readded at will with the utmost ease. Idle times are reduced to a minimum and working flexibility is incomparable. Lower tool clamping is also pneumatically operated, and can be opened and closed also with the Syner-G remote control..

We then have the new Drive Bar 2.0 that gives indications on where tools should be installed, on emergencies occurred, and so on. The operator’s job is made easier and quicker. The CNC-controlled 5-axis backgauge can make tapered bends up to 75°. Pneumatic retractable sheet supports help protect very wide and thin sheets. As well as the two motorized backstops, we also have two additional manual backstops. These can be unlocked, moved and repositioned with the push of a finger from the front of the machine.

4 backstop 5 axes backgauge press brake
increased daylight hydraulic press brake

The ECO energy saving system increases ram speed and motor efficiency. It also includes the innovative real-time Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus, that actively measures and compensates for ram deformation. The wireless pedal can be moved freely without having to bother about connecting cables.

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