27 October 2017

Three press brakes to Taiwan


One 165/3000 and two 80/2000


Unlike other Asian countries, Taiwan is a centre of excellence for machinery production and other manufacturing industries. The island’s companies aim to achieve European quality standards and therefore prefer high-end machine tools.


We are currently completing the construction of three new X-Press hydraulic press brakes for three Taiwanese companies, sold through our partner Steven Chen.

press brake for yi hui plastics machinery oem

The first is an X-Press Next 165 tons/3 meters with 300 mm stroke and 500 mm light. The machine is equipped with an ECO package for energy saving, and Gasparini Adaptive Crowning, both managed by the Delem DA-66T touch CNC.

This press brake is being manufactured for Yi Hui Industrial, a company that produces machinery for the production of plastic films.

To ensure maximum production efficiency and reduce idle time, the customer has chosen the new wireless pedal board. From a clamping point of view, the press brake is equipped with the self-aligning Gasparini Pneumatic Clamping system for punches and dies. The backgauge is an X-R two-axis with two additional fingers.

press brake 165 ton 3 meters plastics industry
press brake 80 ton 2000 mm machinery oem

The other two machines are 80 tons/2 meter X-Press Easy for two separate companies. The first is Hsieh Yuan Top, a manufacturer of electrical equipment; the second is Cheng Zhan, which makes plastics processing machinery such as punching machines, injection moulding machines and finishing machines.

These press brakes are similar to the 165/3000: they are equipped with Gasparini Pneumatic Clamping system for punches and dies. The 2-axis backgauge has been upgraded with two additional references. The foot pedal board is wireless and the CNC is also a Delem DA-66T with a touch screen, which manages the ECO package for energy saving.

pneumatic clamping back gauge press brake

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