20 December 2021

330/4000 for a 60-year-old

gasparini press brake fabrication subcontractor sheet metal

CIM, a company owned by the Ciaffi family, has been working with sheet metal since 1962. Over the last 15 years, the company has undertaken a path of technological renewal, specialising in the naval sector and in earthmoving and construction machinery. The recent acquisition of a laser cutting machine has prompted further investment in a powerful and fast press brake. This machine complements a Gasparini PSG 420/6000 purchased in 2008, processing parts cut with both the new laser and the other plasma and oxyfuel machines.


image credit: CIM

Their new hydraulic press brake is an X-Press 330/4000 with a 500 mm throat, 400 mm stroke and 600 mm open height. We have installed two real-time compensation systems, Reflex and Gasparini adaptive crowning. Together they guarantee angle consistency even between different thicknesses and hardnesses throughout the profile. The two technologies are not based on databases or predictions: data on the bending process is measured continuously and is used to counterbalance the inevitable deflections of the structure.

hydraulic press brake 330 tons 4 metres fabricator
press brake sheet metal subcontractor fabricator

In order to position workpieces of different lengths correctly, we have installed a 4-axis backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2) with two additional non-motorised fingers. All fingers are also equipped with an additional stop to increase the maximum gauging depth. On the front side there are two sliding supports with pull-out drawer and a wireless control foot pedal. The wireless foot pedal can be attached to a sliding block to be easily moved by the operator.

The press brake is equipped with a powerful Delem DA-69T CNC with 3D visualisation and a Tele-link remote service tool. The CNC also runs a software package that interfaces with the company’s information system for managing production batches. The CNC is complemented by Delem Profile-T 3D offline CAM software for importing STEP and IGES files and generating bending programs easily, accurately and quickly. Sensors and compensation devices, combined with communication capabilities, bring this press brake in line with Industry 4.0 directives.

manual screw clamping delem da-69t press brake cnc

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