04 June 2020

Ravazzolo chooses reliability

The company Ravazzolo Franco srl has been dealing with structural fabrication since 1978. Over the years it has accumulated a great experience especially in the construction of shelters, safety stairs, and in sheet metal working in general. This is testified by the many quality certifications obtained by the company.


image credit: Ravazzolo

reliable fabricator press brake

For its production, Ravazzolo wanted a simple but reliable machine, and above all one able to follow the company in its path of innovation. For this reason this 165 ton/4 meter press brake has been equipped with the Delem DA-66T CNC with offline Delem Profile Lite TL 2D software, and above all with the Industry 4.0 package. Our internal Software House will develop the tools for data collection and interconnection to the factory information system to allow Ravazzolo total control over production. Thanks to the Tele-Link application our service office can interface with the machine remotely for programming and diagnostics.

The X-Press press brake is equipped with an automatic hydraulic crowning system and Reflex deflection compensation. The backgauge is 4-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2) CNC controlled, with an additional manual finger.

press brake backgauge front supports
rapid quick clamping punches adapters promecam

The lower clamping is manual, while the 200-mm tool adapters are equipped with Toolever self-aligning lever quick clamping. Thanks to the 400 mm stroke and the 700 mm open height, it is also possible to make very deep boxes. The sliding front supports are height-adjustable and have a handy tool drawer.

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