01 July 2020

Reliable and precise shear for BCL

BCL is a company based in Suzzara (Mantua, Italy) active since after World War II, which in 1959 moved from woodworking to sheet metal stamping. In the 1970s, partnerships with major customers were strengthened and the production plant was expanded. In the ’90s the third generation takes over and continues the growth of quality with ISO9001 procedures and the introduction of information technology.

guillotine shear sheet metal reliable accurate

BCL has invested in an X-Cut 2010 model guillotine shear, in line with the company’s growth philosophy. The machine is capable of shearing construction steel 10 mm thick with a length of 2000 mm. It is equipped with Blade Pads guides with 200 mm pitch to guarantee a perfect straightness of the cut. The frontal supports, the side square and the bench are equipped with anti-scratch ball transfers. The hydraulic blank holders are independent from the cutting circuit to guarantee the ideal pressure for each type of material.

The CNC-controlled backgauge allows great cutting precision thanks to the recovery of mechanical play. The working area is LED-lit and has a cutting line indication. In addition to the pedal board, we also have a remote control button. The “Tilt to back” support with lowering and rear discharge allows to unload the cut sheets without damaging them.

backgauge sheet support guillotine shear
guillotine shear smart factory industry 4.0

The CNC, equipped with a 12″ touch display and EtherCAT master, was developed entirely by Gasparini and includes many features:

  • materials database
  • cutting length control system
  • cutting angle control
  • adjustment of the blade clearance


Through the CNC we can provide the Industry 4.0 Package, which is a system for the management and transmission of production data that includes:

  • Machine equipped with advanced sensors for the detection and correction of process drifts;
  • Session for the definition of technical specifications with Gasparini Software House;
  • Connection of the machine to the company network.

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