18 January 2021

Retrofit of a 250 ton/5000 mm press brake from 2005

retrofitted 250 ton 5 meter hydraulic press brake

Te.co.me. is a company based in Arsego (Italy), which has already featured in one of our interviews with owner Luigino Bragotto. Three years ago Te.co.me. purchased a 165 t/3 m press brake. The company already owned a guillotine shear and five other press brakes of our own manufacture. One of these, a PSG 250/5000, was recently retrofitted to increase flexibility and further improve efficiency and accuracy.

The machine was completely disassembled and cleaned in every part. We then milled the ram, the bed, and the tool adapters to restore linearity. The Delem DA-66W CNC was replaced with a DA-66Te. As for the electrical circuit, our technicians replaced cables, pedals, valves and boards that had become obsolete.

press brake replacement repair delem cnc
update promecam pneumatic clamping press brake

Regarding the hydraulic system, we changed oil, filters, hoses, couplings, and gaskets. We also replaced hooks, brackets, springs and screws of the upper clamping, as well as the air-powered expanding tube of the lower clamping.

Gasparini’s technicians then reconfigured and recalibrated the machine with the new settings to optimise all the parameters involved. The special 2-axis backgauge with 6 fingers was completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and tested. Thanks to the expertise and in-depth knowledge of all our press brakes, relying on our operators is the choice that guarantees the most effective and long-lasting result.

To find out about all our maintenance and overhaul services, please contact our after-sales department.

maintenance overhaul pressbrake backgauge

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