02 April 2021

Second press brake for prefabricated units

press brake 165 tons 3000 mm 10 feet manufacturer

This customer, just a few months after investing in an X-Press 225/6000 press brake, has again chosen Gasparini for an X-Press 165/3000. The press brake is equipped with a Delem DA-66T CNC with TeleLink remote support, which allows our technicians to connect to the CNC to help with programming, or access diagnostic data. The CNC is also supplied with Profile Lite TL 2D software: a CAM that is very similar to the on-machine software and can be used from a PC to prepare tool setups and bending programs in advance.

Thanks to the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning, this customer can produce even long parts with excellent constancy of the angle between ends and centre. Real time crowning measures the deflection of the ram and compensates for it dynamically during the bending cycle, keeping punches and dies perfectly parallel. The press brake is also equipped with the ECO energy saving package: the main motor is driven by a vector inverter that constantly controls torque and rotation speed. In this way we supply the hydraulic system with precisely the required pressure and flow rate, without wasting energy during idle periods. At the same time, we can increase the ram speed, reduce noise and oil stress.

hydraulic pressbrake delem cnc energy efficient
2 axis x-r backgauge 4 fingers stops

Clamping of punches and dies is quick and convenient thanks to the Gasparini Pneumatic Clamping system, which can be activated either from the control panel or from the Syner-G remote control.



The backgauge is CNC-controlled on two axes (X-R), and has been equipped with 4 stops in total. Each stop is equipped with 3 support surfaces. By activating the F function, the beam takes the references beyond the bending line, where the operator can move them by simply pushing them, bringing them to the desired point. A pneumatic system then locks them in place to keep them in the correct position.

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