01 July 2019

Three press brakes for Seriveneta


Seriveneta is a Vicenza-based company that for 40 years has been producing plates, screen-printed panels, casings and claddings for machinery. They work galvanized, painted, and plasticized sheet metal, as well as stainless steel and aluminum, in thicknesses between 0,6 and 3 mm. Their machine tools include laser cutting, punching, bending, including robotic cells, welding, spot welding and riveting, but the company also carries out screen printing, digital printing on sheet metal and painting.

small size compact press brakes

Over the years, Seriveneta has invested in many Gasparini machines: three 35 ton/1600 mm press brakes, one 75 ton/2000 mm press brake, and one 80 ton/2500 mm press brake. Now they have relied on us again for a 30 ton/1250 mm and two 50 ton/1600 mm compact press brakes with similar configurations.

The first is an X-Press Easy 30/1250 press brake with 200 mm stroke, 400 mm open height and 150 mm throat. The machine is equipped with manual tool adapters with Toolever quick-release lever clamping, CNC-controlled 2-axis backgauge (X-R) with 2 additional fingers.

press brake 30 tons
price small press brake stock ready delivery

The backgauge is equipped with the F function, which positions the stops beyond the bending line where they are pneumatically unlocked. In this way the operator can move them comfortably without moving from their position. The CNC is a Delem DA-53TP, equipped with Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software.

The other two bending machines develop 50 tons of force on 1600 mm. These are also equipped with 100 mm tool adapters with self-aligning lever clamping Toolever for the punches and manual screw clamping for the dies on a self-centering bench.

press brakes 50 tons
press brake 4 backstops backgauge

As for the 30/1250, we have a motorized 2-axis backgauge and 4 manual stops with F function. The Delem DA-58T CNC can be connected to the company network to load programs and configurations, as well as to use Gasparini’s Tele-Link remote assistance service.

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