26 November 2018

Two special shears for tests on high-strength steels


The first word that comes to mind when looking at the data sheets of these machines is “customization”. For these guillotine shears we have listened and advised the customer in order to guarantee the required results. The customer, one of the world’s leading steelworks, will use them in its own research and development laboratories. The shears will cut high-strength steel sheets with hardnesses up to 1500 MPa, which will then be tested to study the problems related to the weldability of these exceptional materials.

blank holders hold-downs antiscratch shear

For maximum cutting precision, the machines are equipped as standard with the Blade Pads system to keep the blade perfectly linear even under load. The system also adjusts the blade spacing, and has been modified to achieve precision to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. The 100-mm-pitch blank holders have continuous contact, with a base in anti-scratch material. The pressure is regulated by means of a proportional valve to be managed independently of the cutting force. The blank holders are installed on linear guides to maintain the position even during cutting.

Both guillotine shears are equipped with the new Gasparini CNC with 12″ touchscreen, localized in several languages. The control manages the machine axes via EtherCAT and allows many advanced functions developed on demand:

  • database of materials and cutting parameters
  • Operator authentication
  • data logging of each variable associated to each single cut made
  • self-shutdown
  • WiFi connection
  • Saving of logs and data on USB or LAN
custom made network cnc guillotine shear
price hydraulic guillotine shear

The back support has been produced in the “Tilt and drop” version, which allows unloading both at the back and in the front in the waste basket. The lower and upper blades are made of special steel with 2 cutting edges. A start button has been added in addition to the pedalboard. Considering the use of these shears in the laboratory, we have installed a soundproofing system for the motor-pump unit.

The X-Cut 3012 guillotine shears have a cutting length of 3000 mm and are capable of shearing mild steel up to a thickness of 12 mm. In particular, it has been equipped with a double squaring arm, both on the left and on the right of the bench. The backgauge can disappear to allow even longer lengths to be cut, and the stroke is extended to 1500 mm.

sheet metal guillotine shear hardox strenx
high-strength steel sheet metal shear

The X-Cut 2010 shear can cut 10-mm thick steel on 2 metres. It stands out for its electrical panel located under the bench, as the customer needed a very small footprint.

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