08 October 2019

Three generations in sheet metal

The history of Skitti began more than half a century ago, when in 1965 the founder Jožef Smrkolj opened a workshop in his home garage. Initially, he produced chairs for public spaces such as the Red Hall of the Kremlin and the Španski Borci cultural centre, home to theatrical performances, music, dance and exhibitions. He also produced street lamps that are still in operation in Laško and Portorož.


The gradual growth of the company allows it to invest in new machines by introducing different types of processing. The headquarters has been expanded with the construction of a new factory and new offices. Currently Skitti offers its customers a 360-degree sheet metal working:


  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Stamping
  • Surface treatments
  • Turning and milling
  • Measurements


The helm of the company is now in the hands of the third generation. Jožef’s grandchildren have built on this wealth of experience but have been able to introduce new technologies and new ways of producing. Sabina, Jože and Sergej have modernised their machinery with two Gasparini press brakes.

30 ton 1250 mm press brake

The first machine was purchased a few weeks ago: it is the X-Press Next 30/1250 that we had made for the Lamiera exhibition. Skitti seized the opportunity to buy a press brake with top features and all these accessories:


  • CNC-controlled 4-axis backgauge: X-R-Z1-Z2
  • 200 mm stroke, 400 mm open height and 150 mm throat
  • Tool holders with Toolever quick self-aligning lever clamping
  • Gasparini pneumatic lower clamping
  • Delem DA-66T CNC with Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software
  • E-Reflex frame deformation compensation system
  • Syner-G remote control
  • Stand-by energy saving system
  • Tele-Link remote assistance capacity
  • GPS4 angle control system
  • Ergonomy package with LED lighting and tool rack

The second press brake, on the other hand, was designed according to the specific needs of the customer: a beautiful X-Press Next 165/3000. The machine can also be used to produce large workpieces thanks to the 500 mm throat, 300 mm stroke and 500 mm open height.


To ensure a perfect angle by compensating for the sheet metal springback, we have installed the GPS4 angle control system, which with its contact reading ensures precise measurement with any material and shape of the workpiece.


The ECO energy saving system increases the speed while reducing noise and consumption thanks to the inverter drive of the motor.

press brake furniture slovenia
press brake promecam tool clamping

In addition to the versatility of the working area, the Gasparini lower pneumatic clamping system for the dies and the Gasparini AirSlide upper pneumatic clamping system are also available. The AirSlide tool holders guarantee great flexibility in the tooling as they can be moved to any position and combination thanks to the absence of air pipes to be connected manually.

With this press brake Skitti can also bend very long and thick workpieces with the certainty of a constant angle over the entire profile, thanks to Gasparini’s adaptive crowning and Reflex deformation compensation.

Inside the press brake there is a 5-axis CNC-controlled backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) capable of making conical bends up to 75°, with two additional manual stops.


In front we have 2 front sliding supports Plus with handwheel for height adjustment and aluminium profile with ball transfer units. These supports allow the operator to easily adapt to the tools used and to process the pieces with less effort.


The Drive Bar, a series of bright LEDs located on the ram, helps the operator to position tools and workpieces in the right place, quickly and safely.

press brake sliding adjustable front supports
press brake backgauge relative x axis

The Delem DA-69T CNC with 17″ touch screen is pre-arranged for Tele-Link support, to allow Gasparini service to check the correct operation of the press brake and to help with programming. Delem’s offline Profile-T 3D software, installed on a PC, allows the creation of bending programs to be sent to the press brake via LAN.


The Syner-G remote control is the icing on the cake: thanks to a series of buttons you can quickly and easily access some of the functions of the press brake: opening and closing of the clamping, parking of the backgauge, calibration of the GPS4.

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