21 November 2018

Two new press brakes for TROL Slovenia

small hydraulic new press brake 50ton

TROL is a Slovenian sheet metal fabricator specialising in the furniture, automotive, hotel/recreation, shopfitting and bespoke products sectors. The company has an advanced and differentiated fleet of machines, consisting of shears, plate and tube laser cutting, tube benders, press brakes, robotic welding machines, milling machines, punching machines and stamping presses. Two more press brakes have recently been added to this facility, customised with many options to handle their wide variety of products.

The first one is a 50-ton X-Press, with a bending length of 1600 mm. The upper clamps are the famous AirSlide, with pneumatic operation but without any air pipe to connect. They can be moved to any position by sliding them, greatly reducing idle time. Also the die clamping devices are pneumatically operated. The CNC is a Delem DA-58T, with offline software for PC programming. The Standby energy saving system allows an excellent reduction in consumption during inactivity.

tool clamping new press brake price
new 115 ton 10 feet press brake

The machine has a special backgauge, equipped with 4 fingers with an additional support stop. Fingers can be easily moved from the front of the machine thanks to the F function. This feature takes the fingers beyond the bending line and unlocks them: the operator can then reposition them simply by sliding them. The backgauge is in the Advanced version, to guarantee maximum precision and positioning speed.

The second press brake is an X-Press 115 tons on 3 meters. Also here the backgauge in Advanced version is equipped with 4 references, with F function and additional stop. Gasparini’s adaptive crowning guarantees profiles with a constant angle along the entire length of the bend, without the “canoe effect”. The 300 mm stroke and 500 mm opening allow even large workpieces to be bent. As with the 50/1600, we have also installed the Standby energy-saving system, the Airslide sliding upper clamping system and the pneumatic lower clamping system.

hydraulic 100 ton new press brake cost

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