07 January 2020

Versatility for manufacturer and subcontractor

The Carletti company was founded in 2002 from the experience of the founder Argeo, dedicating himself to the production of furniture hardware and fabrication. The plant is equipped with punching, laser cutting, stamping, manual and robotic welding, and powder painting. The bending department relies on a Gasparini PBS 105/3000 press brake, now supported by an X-Press Next 115/3000 with a wide range of accessories.

press brake furniture hardware

The press brake is equipped with the new Toolever self-aligning lever-operated quick clamping tool adapters, which provide speed and functionality similar to pneumatic systems.

The CNC-controlled 4-axis backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2) allows you to work by stations and with parts of different lengths with maximum convenience. The Delem DA-66 CNC can be programmed by the technical department thanks to the offline Delem Profile Lite TL 2D software. Gasparini technicians can connect with the Tele-Link tool for assistance and remote diagnostics.

The press brake has been equipped with the E-Reflex deformation compensation system, which monitors the deflection of the side frames to ensure a constant angle even with parts of different lengths or hardness.
To reduce energy consumption we have installed the Stand-by device, which switches off the main motor after a programmable idle time.

quick lever tool clamping press brake
subcontractor press brake front support arms

On the front we find two sliding support arms Plus, with adjustable height and anti-scratch ball transfers. The Syner-G remote control allows you to open and close the lower clamping and park the backgauge wirelessly.

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