06 April 2017

X-Cut 4010 guillotine shear made to measure

Maximum shearing quality

H+B Profil is a Swiss subcontractor operating in sheet metal cutting, bending, stamping, and production of aluminum profiles since 1984. Andreas e Margrit Heiber, owners of H+B Profil, needed several customizations so that Gasparini was the only choice. Top shearing quality was also necessary to maintain the precision standards and short lead times that make H+B Profil stand out.

hydraulic guillotine shears prepainted steel
manufacturers guillotine shears

X-Cut 4010 hydraulic guillotine shear is able to cut 10-mm thick sheet metal up to 4000 mm wide. It features a bench with removable supports and ball transfers. Front arms have been extended to 1600 mm to support even the biggest plates.

guillotine shear for galvanized steel

The most relevant customization requested by H+B Profil is a light safety barrier that allows to manually position the sheet without risks. Also cutting sequence has been personalized. At the first press of the pedal, hold-down cylinders lower and clamp the sheet. Bringing the hand closer, cylinders raise and the sheet can be repositioned. Hold-downs are driven with an independent variable oil pressure, to avoid damage to thinner sheets.

Blade Pads are Gasparini shears’ strength point. They support the ram over its entire length, avoiding deflection in the center and guaranteeing a straight cut.

Delem DAC360 CNC takes charge of backgauge positioning and adjustment of the cutting length. Thanks to an on-board materials database, it can automatically select the best cutting angle and blade clearance. Following H+B Profil’s request, the CNC has been mounted on a made-to-measure arm.

squaring shear back unloading stacking
sheet metal shear installation

Three-movement back sheet support (vertical, horizontal, and tilt) allows to slide the sheared pieces to the back of the machine or to let them fall into the front basket. Custom blades, with a 3000+1000 mm length instead of 2000+2000 mm standard length, allow to cut 3-meter wide sheets without leaving marks.

X-Cut 4010 guillotine shear has been installed by our technician Pierantonio Pontello. Special thanks to the entire H+B Profil team.

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