17 May 2021

X-Press 165-4000 for Scattolini Otomotiv

Scattolini is one of the world’s leading companies in the industrial vehicle equipment sector. Founded as an artisan business in the 1930s, it soon began producing bodies for motor vehicles. With the increasing motorisation of businesses, Scattolini became an official partner of car manufacturers such as Innocenti, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-Unimog, Renault, Iveco, Fiat Professional and MAN. At the turn of the millennium, the company was acquired by the FAIST group, which gave a great boost to innovation and production. This led to the opening of the Ludwigsfelde (DE), Avila (ES), Batilly (FR), Kartepe (TR) and Tramagal (PT) plants. At the same time, Scattolini acquires VFS of Southampton (GB), Cabreta of Rennes (FR), and SanMarco of Atessa (IT), now SanMarco Industrial.

automotive robotic cell press brake

Gasparini has already built three press brakes for the various companies in the group:

  • in 2012, two 200 t X-Press with 5400 mm bending length and adaptive crowning, ECO, GPS4, customised references, heat exchanger, configured for mixed robot/operator use.
  • in 2018 a 400 t X-Press with 6200 mm bending length, with adaptive crowning, ECO, oversized motor-pump unit, heat exchanger, configured for mixed robot/operator use.


Image credit: Scattolini Turkey

We are currently completing a new hydraulic press brake for the Scattolini Otomotiv plant in Turkey. It is an X-Press 165/4000 with 600 mm open height, 400 mm stroke and useful bending length extended to 4200 mm. The machine has been equipped with a Reflex system to compensate for C-frames deformation, and Gasparini adaptive crowning system to ensure perfect parallelism between the table and the ram.

press brake tipper dumper truck
press brake customised backgauge fingers

The backgauge is equipped with 4 CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2), with X-axis stroke extended to 800 mm and an additional stop at 1000 mm. The fingers were customised with a special shape designed by Scattolini, and their model was loaded into the Delem DA-66T CNC.


The CNC is also complemented by Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software, which allows the creation of bending programs directly in the technical office and sending them to the press brake via LAN. The CNC also runs a 4.0 software for the management and transmission of production data from the machine to the Scattolini information network. In this way they can collect and process a lot of processing information, which is useful for subsequent decision-making purposes.

The press brake is equipped with Gasparini AirSlide upper pneumatic clamping for European/Promecam type punches and Gasparini lower pneumatic clamping. Both can be operated by the convenient Syner-G remote control. The compensation of the height of the tool holders is made by an innovative screw system with a frontal wedge. This wedge does not protrude from the sides and therefore allows the tool holders to be brought into contact with each other, for greater flexibility in positioning.


We have also installed in the machine the electrical interface for operator-robot configuration (with DSP-AP safety lasers) and the mechanical setup for future installation of the GPS4 angle control system.

adjustment wedge pneumatic clamping tool holder
press brake hydraulic circuit oil chiller

As the press brake will be subjected to high workloads, we have included the ECO energy saving package. Using a vector inverter, we control the motor with variable voltage and frequency. This allows us to vary pressure and flow rate continuously, adapting them to the force and speed required by the processing cycle.


A special external chiller keeps the hydraulic oil at an optimum temperature, which is more than a conventional heat exchanger could achieve.

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