Various shear accessories


Gasparini guillotine shears can be customized with a large number of optionals. With accessories for our hydraulic shears you can improve your productivity and machine ergonomy for a quicker, more efficient and more comfortable production.

energy saving system for guillotine shears

Start and stop

Automatic machine standby is available as an option on all Gasparini guillotine shears; thanks to an adjustable timer, the operator can set the time period of inactivity of the machine (no cutting and no adjustment) after which it can go on standby mode, thus saving energy and reducing oil stress.

Scrap box

This option allows you to easily retrieve swarf, scrap and small cut pieces from the front of the shear, without having to access the rear of the machine. The basket is very large and easily slides on casters.

easily collect scraps and small sheared pieces
pneumatic anti scratch shears

Pneumatic anti-scratch device

This option raises the sheet metal on the supply side, while the movable blade returns to the starting position, eliminating the contact between the blade and the sheet itself. This results in the reduction of scratches and imperfections on the edge of the work-piece, improving the quality of the finished piece. It also helps to save the cutting edge of the lower blade from scratching against the metal sheet.

Pneumatic front protection

Gasparini guillotine shears are equipped with a standard fixed protection. A pneumatic frontal protection is also available as an option, equipped with all relevant safety systems. This protection allows you to easily retrieve the cut pieces that remain on the bench between the sheet holder and the cutting line.

pneumatic front protection for sheet metal shears
manual thin stripe feeder for guillotine shears

Stripe feeder

This device enables you to cut thin stripes near the blade area with no safety risks for the operator, in accordance with UNI-EN13985:2009.

Spare parts kit

This optional item provides a kit of recommended spare parts and consumables (blades excluded) for worry-less production for 2,000 / 4,000 hours of work. Supply yourself to be always ready to start again.

ensure a worry-less production of your guillotine shear