Matrix adjustable-V die


Matrix adjustable-V die is ​​a press brake lower tool whose opening can be increased or decreased so as to adapt to manufacturing requirements. Movement can be manual or motorized controlled by CNC.

press brake adjustable die

It offers several advantages:

  • Optimal control of the force and the radius of curvature: varying the die opening enables better control over the bending parameters
  • Comfort and safety of the operator: you no longer have to manipulate many different and heavy dies
  • Save time: tool changeover is drastically reduced
  • Great versatility: Matrix dies can obtain a bending angle of 75° on the entire extension
  • Expandability: the die can be equipped with inserts like 10-mm or 30-mm rollers, rounded edges, or fixed dies.


V 10÷160 mm
step 10 mm
Force 3000 kN/m on V 10÷160 mm
Operation Manual/CNC-controlled
V 40÷300 mm
step 20 mm
Force 4000 kN/m per V 40 ÷ 300 mm
Operation Manual/CNC-controlled
V 40÷400 mm
step 20 mm
Force 4000 kN/m per V 40 ÷ 400
Operation CNC-controlled


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