ECO/ECO+ inverter drive


ECO and ECO+ packets are based on continuous control of the press brake main motor through a vector-control inverter. Instead of rotating at fixed speed, the motor is continuously modulated. In this way we can run the pump at low RPMs when a reduced flow is needed, and accelerate to top speed when all available flow rate and pressure are required.


Thanks to a new configuration of the hydraulic circuit, we control the flow according to the bending process. Gasparini was the first to introduce this technology in 2012, and is still one of the few companies in the field that masters this technology. The inverter we use is manufactured by KEB, market leader in power electronics.


ECO and ECO+ options are divided as so:


includes the inverter drive for the main motor. It can be equipped with the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning, powered by the main hydraulic circuit.


in addition to the inverter drive, it includes the real-time Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus. This version consists of a dedicated hydraulic section (motor, pump, pressurized tank) able to provide a faster response with lower power consumption.

Respect for the environment, energy save, speed, reduced noise, less maintenance, less waste, extreme accuracy and repeatability are the most important advantages of ECO and ECO+ packages.

press brake speed

Power only when you need it

The motor is controlled by an inverter, which is only activated when the press brake is operating, always and only delivering the power requested by the bending process. When the machine is idle, the motor is stopped so that energy consumption and oil stress are greatly reduced.

Same result, 50% less energy

The ECO system permits a more rational and efficient use of energy, with a saving of up to 50% compared to the standard version.

270 mm/s

ECO and ECO+ allow to reach top tier values with approaching and return speeds up to 270 mm/s.

press brake maintenance and service

Less waste, less maintenance

The ECO package obtains a huge reduction in maximum oil temperature as a result of control of the flow rate and reduced pump usage.

  • limitation of oil thermal stress
  • performance stability
  • lower heat and energy waste
  • longer oil life: less waste, less handling costs
  • longer pump and system life: less maintenance, less faults
press brake noise

-7 dBA

The X-Press ECO is a silent machine. The pump, which represents the main noise source, produces significantly less noise compared to traditional press brakes. Tests show that the typical noise level on the operator side never exceeds 63 dBa, even at full power!

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