Front support arms and sheet lifters

press brake front support arm


Front support arms supplied by default with our press brakes can be repositioned and fixed on the bench along the entire machine length. Their height can be adjusted with a clamping  handle.

Sliding front support arms

Height-adjustable front sliding arms mounted on a linear guide, with tool drawer. It can be easily unfastened from the guide if needed, and thanks to its low weight it can be handled with little effort. Support plane measures 600 x 140 mm, is covered with anti-scratch polyethylene profiles and bears up to 500 kgs.

sliding front support arms with tool drawer

Sliding Front Support Plus

This type of sliding front support has been designed to facilitate the operator’s job. They are attached to the press brake by means of a linear guide which allows positioning along the entire length of the machine; they are also vertically adjustable with a precision recirculating ball screw to suit the height of the bottom tool. The linear guides extend beyond the table where the supports can be parked when not in use.

On the aluminum profile you can add several options:

  • disappearing stops
  • graded ruler
  • steel ball transfers
  • anti-scratch brushes
  • micrometric gauges
  • protractor
height-adjustable sheet metal support arm - type b
sheet metal followers lifters press brake

Front sheet lifters

The sheet lifter is an effective bending aid for press brakes. It basically consists of a pair of sheet supports placed on the front of the machine at the height of the bending line (lower tool). Sheet lifters, also called sheet followers, are controlled by the CNC, following and supporting the sheet during the bending process. Sheet lifters can be installed also in the inner part of the machine with RPG backgauges.

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