Offline software


Offline bend programming software tools are useful to make the work of the press brake operator quicker and easier. They are a special version of the CNC installed on the press brake, able to run on a desktop PC. Main offline software tools are Delem Profile-T and Gasparini Phoeni-x Offline.

The advantages that an offline software provides are:

  • check for collisions with the frame and other parts of the press brake
  • verify feasibility of a part according to available punches, dies, and tool adapters
  • simulate and optimize the bending sequence
  • estimate production times
  • arrange working stations and add notes for the operator
  • import drawings in several CAD file formats in 2D or 3D according to the software version
  • export bending programs to the machine
press brake offline cnc profile-t
delem offline software for pressbrake

Delem Profile-T is available in two versions, T2D and T3D. The latter allows to program in 3D and to import DXF files.

Gasparini Phoeni-x Offine, like Profile-T, brings the same graphical user interface of the CNC on a PC. As well as the aforementioned features, Phoeni-x Offline offers:

  • 3D visualization and programming
  • IGES and STP file import
  • sheet metal bend allowance calculation
  • DXF cutting file export

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