After-sales assistance service

6 great reasons to choose Gasparini’s after-sales assistance, one of our flagships.



retrofit of a used pre-owned press brake
emergency assistance broken press brake

Speed: we have an average call-to-door time as low as 12 hours.

press brake spare parts

We have 90% of spare parts in stock for same-day shipping

expert assistance press brake machinery

Experience: we can replicate components of any press brake or guillotine shear, even very old ones.

reconditioned press brake
quick response pressbrake repair

Efficiency: we have an average repair time of just 2.5 hours

press brake service center

Affordable: our fees are in-line with those recommended by the Italian machine tools manufacturers association

expert serviceman pressbrakes

Passion: our boys and girls bring professionalism and commitment to everything they do.

rewired electric box press brake

Assistance service

Through its own local sales and service network, Gasparini ensures customers of efficient and professional support. The service centre also has highly specialised technicians at its disposal who are able to provide support to the local service and help customers solve their problems. Local partners periodically attend training and refresher classes, which are compulsory to be authorised to operate on our press brakes and shears.

Gasparini is structured to ensure customers of an efficient and professional assistance service thanks to the preparation and many years of experience of its technicians and of all the technical staff that represent it in the world.

Gasparini is able to

  • maintain
  • repair
  • overhaul
  • recondition
  • retrofit

press brakes and hydraulic shears, even made by other manufacturers.


We know our machines in every little detail, and we take care of them in the best possible way. We can update systems and components, enriching the original plan with new functionality and improving safety, to guarantee many more years of hard work.
A retrofit is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give a new life to your machinery. Gasparini products can work to the best of their performances for a long time.
Still, after many years they may need a overhaul or an upgrade, and for this reason Gasparini Industries has established a really innovative and complete retrofit program.

  • Machine is completely disassembled, cleaned, and repainted.
  • All rubber pipes, valves, fittings, and hydraulic oil are replaced.
  • Electric circuits are rewired and components are replaced.
  • Reference surfaces and mechanical parts (guides, pinions, racks) are brought back to native precisions.
  • Foot pedals, pushbuttons, and safety systems are updated.
  • The CNC may be replaced with more powerful models for additional features.
  • Tool clamping and backgauges are overhauled and may be updated.
retrofitted press brake compliant

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