Press Brakes

We build the most flexible
and customisable press brakes
on the market

The perfect synthesis of precision and user-friendliness

Our line of press brakes represents excellence in the sheet metal working industry.
With a meticulous focus on precision, reliability, ease of use and versatility, our machines offer tailor-made solutions to meet every need.

The X-Press is available in three configurations: Easy, Next, and SuperCustom. The three configurations can be customised according the final product, flexibility in machining and practicality in tooling. Each of our press brakes is manufactured in Italy, at our plant in Istrana.


This intuitive tool allows you to explore our initial solutions and gives us a detailed overview of your production needs. Customize tonnage, length, work area, and all other parameters.


We give shape to your ideas

We offer innovative solutions that not only meet the expected standards, but exceed them. Each press brake is designed and manufactured to your specific requirements. We give shape to your ideas, without limits, with the aim of providing you with quality products and optimising your production process.

Each model is designed for maximum bending accuracy, offering optimal ergonomics and unprecedented application flexibility. Whether for small batches or large parts, our press brakes ensure maximum repeatability of results.

From the minimalist and robust design of the X-Press Easy to the powerful and highly customisable X-Press SuperCustom, all of our press brakes are built in Italy, at our factory in Istrana in the province of Treviso, using only high quality materials.

Our commitment is reflected in every detail, ensuring perfect results from the very first bend, as well as a simple and intuitive operating experience and high flexibility to suit any task. Discover how our press brakes can take your production to the next level.

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