15 December 2022

The 115/3000 press brake project for a security door manufacturer

For Iknos, a manufacturer of armored doors and shutters, we built a 115-ton hydraulic press brake with a table length of 3100 mm, featuring the addition of a stop on a backgauge reference for increased support depth during the bending process. The bender was configured with our Next design, the top of the line in press brakes. The bench-cross span is 500 mm, with a Y-axis travel of 300 mm, and the work area has LED lighting.

The main technical features of the press brake

This machine is equipped with the E-Reflex strain compensation system, which monitors the bending of the structure using a network of sensors located inside the bending machine and in the hydraulic system. The error is measured and compared with the crosshead position and oil pressure. In this way, the actual height at which the punch is located can be calculated, regardless of deformation.

In addition to this compensation mode, the machine has been implemented with Gasparini adaptive crowning system, which thus goes a long way toward making the control of the bending process precise and efficient. In fact, to adapt in real time to the bending of the beam, this system relies on two precision sensors: the first one detects the deformation of the upper beam from when bending begins. The CNC drives the pistons in the lower beam until the measurement of the second sensor is equal to that of the first. In this way, the two beams are perfectly parallel.

The choice of pneumatic clamping system

The upper clamping is a Gasparini AirSlide pneumatic type with a height of 110 mm, for European-type tools. This system allows vertical assembly and disassembly of press brake tools in complete safety. Tools are automatically aligned, positioned and clamped, reducing tooling time and significantly increasing productivity. The lower clamping, on the other hand, is of the manual type.

Precision and ergonomics of the press during bending: how we achieved them

The folder is equipped with 2 front supports and a standard foot pedal. The backgauge has 4 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2) controlled by CNC, which in addition to the two standard axes also has Z1 and Z2 axes. The installed safety system is Laser DSP-AP type with lowering of speed change point and reduction of cycle time.

This press brake was developed with the ECO energy-saving system, thanks to which energy waste can be significantly decreased, thus improving productivity. In addition, communication standards complying with Industry 4.0 Intelligent Factory models have been installed, and the Tele-Link remote service function has been arranged. The CNC is Delem DA-66T type and Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software.

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