Reconditioned used press brakes

Our reconditioned press brakes are the perfect opportunity for those looking for machines in stock

Our used and reconditioned press brakes represent an exceptional opportunity for those looking for immediately available sheet metal processing press brakes.

At Gasparini Industries, we provide a selection of machines from our showroom, which are practically new, and used machines reconditioned by our service department.

Why choose a Gasparini reconditioned press brake


Our reconditioned machines have undergone a complete overhaul and upgrade process by our team of experts. This means you can expect performance comparable to that of a new machine, guaranteeing efficient, high-quality production.


Buying a reconditioned machine represents an opportunity to obtain a high-quality machine at a more favourable price than a new acquisition. It is a smart way to optimise your investment budget.


Our reconditioned machines are available and ready for shipment, minimising waiting times. This means you can start benefiting from their performance quickly.

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