Automated lines
and robots

Bending lines that can be fully
integrated with specific
production facilities

Innovative automated bending solutions

The main objective of automation and Industry 4.0 is to realise customised production batches, reducing the costs associated with large production volumes. In line with this vision, Gasparini specialises in studying and designing customised solutions for you,

offering highly flexible production and minimising variability and processing errors. We successfully design and manufacture robotized bending cells, servo drives and automation systems.

Industrial growth

We offer automatic bending plants that can be fully integrated with the customer’s production facility, thus transforming the factory into a state-of-the-art Smart Factory. In addition, we can develop complete shearing and cutting lines, equipped with feeding, stacking, conveying systems and many other customised solutions.

Versatility and optimisation

Our automated bending 4.0 solutions are a flexible alternative to profiling lines. They are ideal for companies that produce corrugated and corrugated panels and require flexibility in profile size and shape. Thanks to our automated handling systems, you can easily handle parts of any size.

By relying on an automated bending or shearing line, you will transform your company into a state-of-the-art, competitive and highly flexible Factory 4.0.

Smart factory

Gasparini’s bending lines are fully compliant with Industry 4.0 directives, thanks to many functions that can be developed according to the specific application. Our R&D department is able to design and manufacture machines equipped with:

  • Remote programming
  • Plant sensitisation
  • Preventive maintenance and fault notification
  • Integration with ERP, CAD-CAM, NAS
  • Automatic tool change and intelligent positioning
  • Sheet metal loading/unloading, peeling and thickness control
  • Self-learning of K-factor and integrated quality control
  • 24/7 autonomous operation with usage statistics
  • Interface with warehouse, laser, welding
  • Tele-assistance and remote control, error analysis and cycle time
  • Compensation of material variability and deformations

An automated yet flexible and reconfigurable bending system allows you to reduce waste and accurately determine production time and costs. By accessing vital machine information, you can monitor material characteristics, processing steps, and reduce the risk of breakdowns. By connecting the bending machine to other machines and the company network, you can track workflows.

Shearing lines

Gasparini Industries has a long and excellent experience in sheet metal cutting lines and customised industrial solutions. From the simplest solutions to large-scale robotic plants, we offer a complete range of highly versatile and powerful shears. These shears can be effortlessly integrated into high-speed production cycles, successfully handling large volumes without compromising reliability and superior cutting quality.

Bending line
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