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We are a well-established and dynamic company, constantly searching for innovative and cutting-edge solutions, tailor-made for our customers.

We are the ideal partner: we want to give shape to customers’ ideas, going beyond traditional boundaries. We are not content to offer standard solutions, but listen carefully to each

customer’s specific needs and design customised sheet metal working machines that are the perfect solution to their problem.

Our goal is to create new standards: we tackle today's problems by building solutions for tomorrow Andrea Guderzo CEO

WE BUILD THE MOST FLEXIBLE AND CUSTOMISABLE PRESS BRAKES ON THE MARKET in order to improve our customers’ working conditions in terms of productivity, efficiency and operator comfort.


We are committed to SIMPLIFYING THE USE OF PRESS BRAKES by adopting state-of-the-art technology, with the aim of providing an innovative solution to the shortage of specialised operators.

without limits

We propose innovative solutions that not only meet the expected standards, but exceed them. The protagonists are always our customers, with their needs: each product must be thought of as a tailor-made suit.

We cultivate excellence at every level to go beyond expectations, giving shape and value to their ideas. We want to establish ourselves as a partner of reference in this respect, strengthened by our know-how and experience, but always with a forward-looking approach.


We give concrete shape to your ideas.

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We make the most user-friendly press brakes.

We guarantee precision and repeatability at every bend with unique systems.

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