Automatic tool

The breakthrough in large-format
press brakes with state-of-the-art
technology and unrivalled comfort.

The only automatic tool changer for large-format press brakes

Gasparini’s innovative Agile automatic tool changer represents a breakthrough in the bending industry, offering high-level solutions for large-format press brakes.

Agilely cope with frequent tooling, complex setups and the challenges of handling expensive tools and special parts. With the Agile Automatic Tool Changer, take your production to the next level.

Eliminates the risk of error
Suitable for different batches
Reduces tooling time


  • Ergonomics, safety and usability
  • Safe and effective tooling with every program
  • Press brakes up to 640 tons and 8 meters of bending length
  • Maximum customization of the work area
  • Complete tooling along the entire length
  • Maximum productivity for all operators
  • Tools are protected from damage and corrosion, sorted and ready for use
  • Boxes up to 290 mm deep
  • Possibility of equipping the press brake with sliding supports or sheet lifters
  • Total flexibility in number and length of stations
  • 52 meters of tool storage, expandable for larger press brakes
  • Hemming dies supported


Agile² is a special tool changer that can service two different press brakes independently. In fact, the main advantage of this system is the fact that while one of the two press brakes is being tooled, the other one remains operational. It can be installed on one machine and connected to the second one later. It represents the perfect combination of process automation and increased production capacity.

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