Optical barcode scanner

This wireless code reader for press brakes communicates with the CNC through its recharge base. It’s able to read traditional 1D bar codes (EAN, Code128, Code39 Extended, etc) as well as the newer and more efficient 2D codes (DataMatrix, QRCode, ecc).

To load a bending program, one just has to scan the code. This code can be printed on a production note, on a label, or engraved directly on the sheet metal blank. The program can be stored locally or on a server.

The scanner helps the reading by projecting crosshairs and delimiting the scanned area with four red dots. Should the reading be correct, the scanner gives a feedback to the user with a green dot on the code and a light on its back. A beep is also emitted, which can be disabled by the user. The first configuration and all following setups are carried out by simply scanning specific 2D codes.

The Barcode Reader can be installed also on existing Gasparini press brakes, updating the software and adding the necessary components.

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