Clamping systems for punches,
dies, and tool adapters

Press brake tool setup time is an unproductive time, which increases product costs without increasing its value. That’s why it’s important to choose a clamping system that allows to improve efficiency and profitability of your production.

For this reason Gasparini developed a wide range of clamping systems and tool adapters for almost all available standards. Thanks to these accessories you can use long type punches (i.e. Wila, Beyeler, LVD, Gasparini, American-style, etc.) fitted straight on the ram and short type punches (i.e. Promecam, etc.) fitted on the tool adapter. You can combine manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic clamping to compose the best solution for your way of working.

Manual screw clamping

A good choice when production conditions do not require frequent tool changes. Thanks to its exceptional strength, it can be used even on highest tonnages. Tools are extracted from the side in total safety condition since tools stay in place even when the clamping is open.

Toolever manual clamping tool adapters

Toolever adapters have a new quick-acting lever tool clamping. Thanks to the lever latching without special keys they allow for an enormous time saving compared to traditional manual clamping.

  • 100-mm height: does not require CNC reprogramming
  • Front wedge crowning: tool adapters can be placed one against the other without gaps
  • Dual sided clamping with front locking for reversed tooling
  • Swift clamping and unclamping does not require any special tools, just an ordinary Allen key or a screwdriver
  • Even when clamps are open, tools remain in safety position without falling
  • Self-aligning: when closing, punches are lifted and rested on the tool adapter, eliminating the need for preliminary bends
  • Works even with 10-mm wide segmented punches

Gasparini Upper Pneumatic Clamping

The self-aligning Gasparini Upper Pneumatic Clamping with punch holders is suitable for European type tools. Gasparini Upper Pneumatic Clamping allows the tools to be inserted and removed safely from the front of the machine. Tools are automatically aligned, seated and clamped, reducing changing time and significantly increasing productivity.

AirSlide tool adapters

An innovative compressed air distribution system allows you to move them along the entire length of the ram in any position. There is no need for air piping or fastening keys. Punch holders can be removed or added in any combination, with no air leaks. Moreover, they’re self-aligning: punches are lifted and seated automatically. Like Toolever clamping, they can be placed one against the other thanks to frontal crowning wedges. They are compatible with segmented punches and they hold the punches even when clamps are open.

Wila manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic clamping

Gasparini press brakes can be equipped with WILA pneumatic “New Standard Premium Clamping” Systems for punches, and “New Standard Premium Bottom Tool Holders” for dies. In this way you can continue using your existing tools. Gasparini also makes pneumatic clamping systems compatible with Wila tools, with the quality you are looking for.

Hydraulic clamping

The hydraulic clamping system is fitted directly on the ram. It is used in high tonnage press brakes or with long tools that do not need intermediate punch holders. The system achieves high locking strengths and, acting over large surfaces, needs low pressure and thereby guarantees a longer life for the system.

Hydraulic clamping is self-aligning: when clamping is activated, tool adapters are rested on the load bearing surface, eliminating the need for test bends.
The clamps allow a rapid and precise locking of the tool even with segmented punches.

Die clamping systems

Almost all lower tools can be fitted on X-Press press brakes. Some of the supported styles are:

  • European/Promecam
  • Wila standard
  • Wila with spacers
  • Beyeler
  • LVD
  • Gasparini

You can choose manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic clamping systems for maximum versatility.

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