Delem and Gasparini CNCs for guillotine shears

Delem DAC 360

This powerful numerical control for guillotine shears automatically calculates the best rake angle and blade clearance basing on a preloaded materials database, also managing the needed cutting length. Each program can have up to 25 steps and up to 100 programs can be saved.

This CNC supports several interface languages, stroke counter and hour meter. Delem DAC 360 is provided as standard on all X-Cut guillotine shears.

Gasparini CNC

X-Cut guillotine shears may be equipped also with the new CNC entirely developed by Gasparini.

Running on an industrial grade PC, it allows to be integrated on an automated line and to expand controlled axes via EtherCAT.

It features an ergonomic color touch screen for industrial use, that can be used while wearing gloves and has a high readability in all conditions.

Its hardware and software architecture allows to load cutting sequences and settings via VPN, as well as to save data in the cloud.

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