DSP-AP laser
safety system

DSP-AP generates a visible laser protection compliant with EN12622 regulation. The beam protects the press brake operator from the danger of being crushed between upper and lower tool. It represents the evolution in press brake safety with respect to the inefficient light curtains or obsolete single-beam protections.

This device reduces the mute point (speed change point) to up to 4 mm from the sheet metal, thus permitting a remarkable saving in the duration of the bending cycle. As a result, the ram moves at a higher speed for a longer time, keeping the part of the bending cycle when it moves at a lower speed to a minimum. The amount of time that can be saved by DSP-AP with respect to a conventional system is about 1.2 seconds per bend. The DSP-AP laser safety also features blanking for automatic recognition of boxes and profiles with side walls.

Supports feature the “Safe Release” system: they are designed to unhook without damages in case of a collision with tools or other objects. They can be equipped with a CNC-controlled motorized positioning: transmitter and receiver are automatically positioned at the correct height depending on tools and working conditions.

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