e-Reflex side frames deflection
compensation system

Compensates for the bending of the press brake

During the bending process, the side frames are subject to strong forces that cause deformation in the throat area. This effect results in the top beam moving away from the lower beam, compromising the accuracy of the control systems. Frame deformation is a physical phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Only a press brake equipped with a compensation system can overcome and correct this problem.

How it works

e-Reflex controls the deformation of the side frames thanks to a network of sensors in the machine and its hydraulic circuit. This error is measured and compared with the ram position encoder and oil pressure. This way we can determine the real height of the punch tip, regardless of frame deflections.

What it does

Whatever the part length, thickness variations, part positioning, and sheet metal characteristics, the ram position is always under control during the bending process to guarantee angle repeatability.

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