Gasparini adaptive crowning

Pieghe perfette a prescindere dal materiale

Sheet metal is unpredictable and its characteristics depend on unverifiable factors:

  • casting variations
  • dimensional tolerances
  • cutting stresses
  • holes and machining
  • temperature and storage.

A matter of hundredths

When bending sheet metal, the ram always bows upwards in the centre. There the punch will be farther away from the die.

Crowning raises the table to keep the die at a constant distance from the ram. Should we use an incorrect or no press brake crowning, the distance between punch and die will vary along the profile. With an insufficient compensation, the angle will be more open at the centre; conversely, it will be too closed.

For this reason, to compensate for the press brake deformation basing only upon the theoretical sheet metal characteristics results in time losses and material waste. It’s better to measure and then control the compensation in real time, without taking a chance.

Measure, don’t guess

To adapt in real time to the ram deformation, Gasparini relies on two precision sensors: the heart of Gasparini Adaptive Crowning system. The first one detects the ram bowing since the start of the bend. The CNC activates the cylinders in the lower ram until the reading of the second sensor is equal to the first one.

In this way the two rams are perfectly parallel. The result is complete control at maximum precision and absolute repeatability, with any material.

You don’t have to set any input: the press brake reads it from its sensors. The material may change completely from one piece to another, and the press brake will always react in the best way.

Continuous evolution

Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus is the most advanced version of Gasparini adaptive crowning, part of the ECO+ package. In this configuration, we have a pressurized oil reservoir, charged when the press brake is not active. When bending, the system therefore already has a spare volume of oil, ready to be used. Crowning starts instantly, reducing idle times and lowering motor and pump stress. Also power consumption is reduced, because the oil reservoir allows to use a smaller pump running at reduced power.

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