31 May 2024

Behind the scenes: the future of the Easy series

These days, we are working on something new in our workshop. We want to share with you, an exclusive look at the production process of the first machine, of the new Easy series. We decided to transform it to make it even more accessible and differentiate it from the other product lines.

The new Easy promises to be innovative and versatile, but for now, we leave you with just a few shots from our production department.

The milling process of the machine is a crucial moment, and here, you can see its structure during this phase, with the precision and dedication that characterises each of our projects.

What makes the new Easy series special? We will unveil all the details soon, but know that we are putting all our efforts and experience into creating a machine that will meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Stay tuned for further updates and follow us on our journey towards the launch of this exciting new series.

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