28 August 2019

10-meter press brake

sheet metal gutters production

Lattonese Italpose brings together 30 years of experience of two companies in the roofing and sheet metal sector. It deals with the removal and disposal of asbestos, construction of roofs for civil and industrial buildings, and of course gutters and claddings in copper, aluminum, steel and stainless steel.


Image: Lattonese Italpose

Italpose already owned a Gasparini press brake: a POAL 120 ton/10000 with 200 mm stroke, special tool adapters and Cybelec DNC72P graphic CNC. After 27 years of honourable activity, it was replaced with a press brake of the same length but with 165 tons of bending force.

press brake for tinsmithing thin sheets
gutter fabrication backgauge

The machine purchased from Lattonese Italpose is equipped with a special backgauge with CNC-controlled R-axis, made to measure to act as a support surface. To guarantee a constant bending angle, we have installed Gasparini’s adaptive crowning system, which avoids the canoe effect along the entire length of the profile, both at the ends and in the centre.

The CNC is a Delem DA-66T, equipped with a Tele-Link remote assistance tool and Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software. The press brake is eligible for tax credits thanks to the Industry 4.0 Package, which provides:

  • Electronic Reflex to compensate for C-frames deformation
  • Advanced sensors for the detection and correction of process drifts;
  • Technical Specification Definition Session with Gasparini Software House
  • Connecting the machine to the company network


This allows the customer to transfer bending programs and settings from the technical department directly to the CNC of the press brake.

roll press brake tinsmith gutters
hemming bench thin sheet metal

The press brake has been equipped with a hemming bench made to measure to allow the customer to produce special pieces. The bench and tools were made by one of the major tool manufacturers in Italy, who was able to meet the quality and reliability requirements of Lattonese Italpose.

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