24 March 2021

Fully-equipped 330/4000 for Spanish subcontractor

Metall-Lògic is a Catalan company based in Girona, just north of Barcelona. Established in 1997, they specialise in the cutting, bending and welding of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium sheet metal. They work for both private customers and other contractors in the fields of manufacturing, boilermaking and smoking, construction, industrial machinery, and structural carpentry in general. Metall-lògic has always invested in its future, growing in 20 years to a 6,000 square metre site.

330 tons 4 meters hydraulic press brake inverter

Over the years Metall-Lògic has purchased two 165 t/4000 mm press brakes through our partner Blecken. The latest addition, shipped today, is a beautiful 330-ton X-Press Next with a 4 metres bending length.

The press brake is equipped with Gasparini lower pneumatic clamping and sliding AirSlide tool adapters for European/Promecam type punches. The AirSlide pneumatic clamping system is distinguished by the absence of air connection tubes. The required pressure is supplied via a manifold in the ram and a valve system.

upper pneumatic clamping punch tool
telescopic electric sheet metal follower

On the front side there are two standard supports, customised with a brush table at the customer’s request. The electrically driven sheet lifters with manual adjustment of the R-axis are also equipped with a brush table and ball transkfers, with a telescopic extension to support larger sheets.

Our software development team has integrated the movement of the sheet followers into the angle reading cycle of the GPS4 real-time control system. In this way, we support the sheet following motion required by the springback measurement, preventing the weight of the sheet itself from distorting the reading. GPS4 stands out for its high accuracy and above all because, being contained within the die, it allows the angle to be read even with very complex geometry parts and with small minimum flanges.

sheet metal springback angle compensation gps4
CNC rolling floor stand wireless foot pedal

The operator controls the press brake via the wireless foot pedal, without the hindrance of cables on the floor. The mobile stand allows the CNC to be moved quickly and conveniently. The CNC is a powerful Delem DA-69T with a 17″ touch screen. The DA-69T allows 3D programming and visualisation, including the import of STEP and IGES models.


Onboard the CNC is the TeleLink remote service tool, which allows our technicians to connect to the machine for configuration and diagnostics. The CNC also manages the 2 ram axes (Y1, Y2), the 4 backgauge axes (X, R, Z1, Z2) and the two sheet lifters.


Metall-lògic has also chosen the offline software Delem Profile T3D. Thanks to this CAM tool, it is possible to generate the bending programs and tooling for the press brake in the technical office, with maximum convenience and versatility.

The inevitable deflections of the frame are measured and compensated for in real time by two different technologies:


  • The Reflex system detects and compensates for the deformation of the C-side frames, guaranteeing the exact positioning of the ram regardless of the length, thickness, and strength of the piece to be bent.
  • Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus, on the other hand, measures the deformation of the upper ram and copies it exactly onto the lower ram, guaranteeing perfect linearity of the profile and a constant angle along its entire length.


The Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus is part of the ECO+ package. The motor-pump unit of the main hydraulic circuit is controlled by a vector inverter. This way we only run the motor when we need to, getting exactly the speed and torque required by the bending process.

For the crowning subsystem we have a dedicated motor-pump unit, with a tank and a pressure accumulator for instantaneous correction of the deformation. Finally, there is a cooling system in the electrical cabinet to ensure maximum reliability even at high ambient temperatures and intensive use of the machine.

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