18 June 2019

Highly versatile oversize press brake for manufacturer

bucket elevator sheet metal cidiesse

Cidiesse is a Vicenza-based company that has been a leader for 40 years in the production of systems for handling bulk products, such as cereals, minerals, powders, food and the like. Cidiesse is specialized in conveyor belts, bucket elevators, rotating tables, hoppers and vibrating screens.


image: cidiesse

The company has invested in a bespoke press brake with a tonnage of 225 tons and a bend length of 4 meters. The machine has a 800 mm bench/ram open height and a 300 mm stroke, with 400-mm tool holders.

new in stock 4 meter italian press brake
tall tool holders hydraulic pneumatic clamping

Tool holders are equipped with self-aligning pneumatic clamping and take advantage of the AirSlide patent: that is, they can be moved to any position because they do not have air pipes. Even the lower clamping is pneumatically operated, with predisposition for a hemming bench. On the ramshackle, on the other hand, we find the special Gasparini self-aligning hydraulic clamping system. The clamps can be opened and closed comfortably thanks to the practical Syner-G remote control.

The backgauge has 5 CNC-controlled  axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) with the addition of 2 manual backstops and 2 retractable sheet supports, to easily bend even very large and thin sheets without damaging them.

225 ton press brake stainless steel
press brake wireless pedal front supports

On the front side there are 2 frontal sliding supports Plus, adjustable in height by means of a handwheel, and the wireless sliding pedalboard. The pedalboard can be attached to the front rail and moved simply with one foot.

The machine is also equipped with the LaserCheck angle control system, which thanks to a thin beam of light is able to determine the bend angle and compensate for the material springback.

press brake lasercheck laser angle control system
motorized safety system laser angle control

The positioning of the sensor, as well as that of the safety photocells, is fully automatic to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of the bending. The press brake has been equipped with an the inverter-based ECO system for driving the main motor and air-conditioned electrical cabinet.

The CNC is a Delem DA-66T, equipped with a network connection. The CNC is supported by the offline Delem Profile Lite TL 2D software for office programming, and the Tele-Link remote assistance tool to help the operator in the configuration and in the diagnosis of any anomalies. Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, measuring and compensating for the deformation of the ram in real time, guarantees maximum angle constancy over the entire length of the profile.

sheet metal hopper conveyor belt
cidiesse conveyor belt production

All these systems are supported by the Industry 4.0 Package, which connects the machine with the company’s information system by transferring process and product data. In this way it is possible to access the benefits of Italian tax credits.


image: cidiesse

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