27 November 2019

225/3000 SuperCustom for stainless steel boxes

press brake stainless steel deep box bending

Ilinox is a company from Parma specialized in the production of electrical switchboards and cabinets in stainless steel. Over the years Ilinox has chosen us for two press brakes for the head site in Parma and one for the plant in Hungary. Now we have built a 225 ton X-Press SuperCustom press brake with a bending length of 3 meters, with a range of accessories to optimize production.

The first things that catch your eye are the 850 mm open height and the 550 mm tool adapters, perfect for making boxes. The tool adapters are equipped with the AirSlide system, which allows compressed air to be supplied without having to connect pipes. The tool clamping is a self-aligning pneumatic type, and allows the frontal insertion of European-style punches. The clamping on the ram is manual with sliding rollers to allow the movement of the heavy tool holders. The lower clamping is also pneumatic for Promecam dies.



The press brake is equipped with Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, which makes it possible to obtain parts without defects and with a constant angle between the centre and the ends. In the crossbeam we also find two standard front supports. A two-axis interpolated sheet lifter will also be installed, which guarantees the best possible tracking of the sheet without damaging it. The top, with anti-scratch brushes, can be enlarged up to 800 mm and extended up to 1800 mm.

large tall tool adapters sheet metal fabrication
tax deduction press brake industry 4.0 smart factory

The Delem DA-69T CNC allows you to directly import 3D files and generate the bending program. This can also be done from the office using the offline Delem Profile-T 3D software and then sent to the press brake via network. The CNC has been equipped with TeleLink, the Gasparini tool that allows remote configuration, diagnostics and remote assistance. The backgauge is CNC-controlled with 4 axes and allows you to work on stations without having to manually reposition the fingers. To help the operator create conical bends, the Laser Line has been installed, which projects a light beam onto the bending axis.

The Syner-G remote control gives you quick access to the most common functions of the press brake: opening the tool clamps, parking the backgauge, and so on. The machine is also equipped with the ECO energy saving package. In addition to reducing consumption, we also have a significant increase in speed thanks to the inverter-controlled main motor.



The press brake purchased by Ilinox, thanks to the hardware and software package Industry 4.0, allows to collect important data on production and materials. This data is then sent to the company’s information system to help with process decisions. Thanks to these functions and a network of sensors, the machine can be included in the tax benefits for the Smart Factory.

throat press brake increased open height stroke

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