12 November 2021

Two 225 t/4000 4.0 press brakes for Brombal

Serramenti Brombal was established more than 50 years ago, thanks to the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Pietro Brombal. In 1970 he opened the first metal fabrication workshop specialising in the window and door sector. In 1995 he formed a strategic partnership with Secco Sistemi, one of the main producers of steel, bronze, brass and Cor-Ten® window and door profiles. In 2002 his sons Leonardo and Pierpaolo joined the company to manage the production and commercial/marketing areas respectively.


Image credit: discoverbrombal.com

brombal windows doors metal profiles

The following years saw a great development of the company, which strengthened the production area with new processing machinery and finishing plants. The company completed important projects such as the Molino Stucky hotel in Venice and many prestigious villas all over the world, proving the quality of its products. At the same time, the commercial network was expanded, with the opening of branches in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.


Image credit: discoverbrombal.com

For Serramenti Brombal we have developed two twin X-Press Next 225/4000 press brakes, with a bending force of 225 tons and a useful bending length of 4100 mm. Both machines are equipped with CNC-controlled 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) backgauge, capable of reaching angles of up to 75°. The backgauge is also equipped with two additional idle fingers and has additional stops on all fingers to bring the maximum bending depth to 1000 mm on the X axis.

two hydraulic press brakes 225 tons 4 meters
5-axes backgauge additional fingers stops conical oblique bends

The press brakes are equipped with Gasparini’s exclusive and innovative Adaptive Crowning, which is able to measure and correct the deflection of the ram in real time. In this way we are able to obtain the same angle both at the centre and at the end of the profiles: a fundamental requirement for valuable architectural elements such as those produced by Brombal. The machines are also equipped with the Reflex deflection compensation system, which allows extremely precise positioning of the ram. Reflex corrects the deflection of C-frames thanks to a network of sensors and stress response modelling. This function compensates for process drift and is one of the enablers of Industry 4.0.


Remaining on the 4.0 topic, we have also incorporated a software tool developed by our own software house into the two press brakes for Serramenti Brombal. This tool allows us to manage production batches, the number of corrected and rejected parts, and processing times. This data is then made available to the factory information system and can be used in decision-making processes.

To allow Brombal to change tools easily, we have installed the new patented AirSlide sliding tool holders with pneumatic clamping. The main feature of this system is that they can be removed or moved easily thanks to the absence of air hoses. Tools can be inserted from the front and are automatically aligned during closing. Both the AirSlides and the pneumatic die clamping can be operated remotely using the handy Syner-G remote control. The remote control is also used to park the backgauge and for other functions of the user’s choice.

promecam punches airslide sliding pneumatic tool holders


Both machines feature a Delem DA-66T CNC and are complemented by Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software for program development and tooling in the engineering office on a PC. The CNC is also prepared for remote assistance via Tele-Link functionality. The press brakes have been given a customised livery in the customer’s choice of RAL colours. To reduce energy consumption, the machines use the Standby system that stops the main motor after a set period of inactivity.


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