09 April 2019

Five minutes with Mauro Bellan

GI: Hello Mauro, what do you do in Gasparini?
MB: I am a Product & Training Manager, my goal is to translate business projects, whether they are new or existing products or services, in a market-oriented key. The aim is to create value for the end customer, starting from the idea and the product to be manufactured and arriving at defining the most suitable machine and process. In addition, I also organize training programs for the internal and external sales network and for the after-sales service network.

GI: Which aspect of your job will we see at the Lamiera fair?
MB: I will take care of welcoming visitors, creating with them a path inside the stand to emphasize the Gasparini philosophy. My goal is to concentrate the requests of customers, analyze them, and arrive at an overview of the needs. With this gauge, we will be able to adapt the range of Gasparini products and services more and more.

GI: Do you want to say to the visitors?
MB: I suggest them to consider the solutions offered by Gasparini, and to seize the opportunities to build a path of growth and improvement together.

GI: What do you do in your free time?
MB: I try to spend as much time as possible with my family, and at the same time I try to carve out time for some passions such as restoring old objects and practicing volleyball and beach volleyball.

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