21 March 2023

New trends in sheet metal bending

The sheet metal bending industry is going through a period of great change, with new technologies and emerging trends transforming the way companies manufacture press brakes. In this article, we will explore some of the major innovations in our industry and their implications for the future.


One of the major developments taking place in the sheet metal bending industry is the increasing adoption of advanced automation technologies, such as robotics, which are revolutionising press brake production. This is having an impact on several fronts, increasing machine efficiency, reducing costs and improving the quality of the end result. One example is those companies that are implementing automation systems for material handling, such as robots that move the part to be bent and in some applications handle the tooling. This reduces machine downtime, increasing productivity and production speed.


Another important development in the sheet metal bending industry is the growing importance of the circular economy. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reducing waste and making better use of available resources. For example, many companies are implementing advanced recycling technologies to decrease the amount of material and increase production efficiency. At the same time, press brakes are becoming more and more modular and easily repairable, allowing longer product life and lower total cost of ownership. The increasing focus on eco-sustainability creates the need for more and more environmentally friendly products.


Among the trends in our industry we must highlight the evolution of connectivity technologies, which is making press brakes increasingly intelligent and interconnected. Thanks to the digitisation of the production process, machines can be remotely monitored and controlled through the use of production management software. In this way, technicians can detect any problems in real time and intervene quickly, minimising downtime and increasing overall plant productivity. In addition, the collection and analysis of data from the machines allows companies to monitor press brake performance and identify any critical points for improvement.

Customised design

Finally, another emerging trend in the industry is the increase in product customisation. Companies are increasingly trying to meet the specific needs of their customers by offering customised press brakes that can be adapted to the needs of the industry in which they operate. Many manufacturers are now offering machines with features that can be defined on a large scale. This makes it possible to produce highly specialised press brakes suitable for the needs of industries such as aerospace, automotive and many others.

In conclusion, the world of sheet metal bending is constantly evolving, with new technologies and emerging dynamics revolutionising the industry. The adoption of advanced automation solutions, the focus on the circular economy and product customisation, connectivity and eco-sustainability, are just some of the challenges that companies are facing in order to remain competitive and provide their customers with increasingly innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

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