Tandem, tridem, and quadrem


Gasparini press brakes can be connected in tandem of 2, 3, 4, or more machines. It’s the ideal solution to fabricate very long parts such as pipes, poles, and other profiles, while keeping productivity levels of stand-alone press brakes.

sheet metal brakes tandem configuration

Press brakes in Tandem configuration allows to reach a higher speed with respect to a single bigger machine.

Paired machines can be of different lengths and tonnages.

Delem CNCs, with the Tandem Link option, allow to transfer bending programs from a press brake to another.

tandem tridem quadrem press brakes

Press brakes may be turned back to independent operation in any moment in very little time.

Throat can be increased to allow processing of very large parts.

Safety devices are designed to adapt to different configurations and can be motorised.

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