11 February 2019

Salt resistant stainless steels

Stainless steels are resistant to most weather conditions and provide excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments.

There is a class of chemicals, however, that can corrode both common steel and stainless steel. These are the chlorinated compounds contained in seawater and de-icing salts used on roads. It should be noted that these substances can be found even at considerable distances from the coast or from the roads. Sea salt is brought by rainfall to dozens of kilometres inland. The wind is able to carry the droplets of water and chlorides for tens or hundreds of meters. For these reasons, specific alloys must be used even in places apparently protected from corrosion.

The Specialty Steel Industry of North America has developed a very useful guide to know the risks of chlorine corrosion and choose the best stainless steel to withstand the marine areas and contamination by de-icing salt.

Download it here: bit.ly/stainless-salt

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